Our Story

Karuna Natural Wears is a Nepali clothing and accessories brand which is dedicated to producing high quality clothes using natural fabrics. Karuna uses fabrics such as hemp, bamboo, linen, nettle and organic cotton. Established in 1997, Karuna has reached markets such as Germany, Canada and Japan with an aim to promote and utilize local Nepalese resources.


Durbarmarg Showroom

Located next to Narayan Hiti mesueam, Karuna's exclusive showroom is easy to access, spacious and has a underground parking facility.


Our Vision

Karuna Natural Wears strives to be a sustainable business: the brand makes a consistent effort to conserve the environment, provide comfortable & skin friendly clothing, follow ethical business practices and promote Nepali art and culture worldwide. Karuna's products are not only comfortable but durable and fashionable making it perfect for casual or semi formal use. All our products are designed and manufactured by skilled Nepalese labor with decades of experience in the garment industry.


Shraman Apparels other brands

Shraman Apparels other brands, namely JuJu Wears makes high quality printed T-Shirts that are designed my well known artist.
And TARA T-Shirt makes high quality affordable T-Shirts.

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Bulk Order

Shraman Apparels specializes in producing garments for international clients who demand a high standard of quality control.
For more information contact our head office by calling us at 1-5526505 or email us at shrama@karuna.net.np